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100% For fast delivery and communication.

Mrs Oram
 Hi Karen.

 Many thanks for your expedient delivery which was gratefully received today - and fits like a glove.
 kind regards -  Pat Cairns

Walkabout Rear Harness
When my 12 year old GSD suddenly became very ill, it was reassuring to find Dogmobility not only supplied exactly what was needed, but it  came with best advice, and top quality personal service and compassion.
I could not recommend a company more highly.

Mrs Sue Stevenson, Stratford upon Avon.

Washable Nappy & pads
Pet wrap
Just to say thank-you for your brilliant service. The package did arrive saturday and we are very pleased with it.
Hi Karen,

I have attached a photo of Rosie in her new nappy (size med) for you. It fits well and she doesn’t mind wearing it, so now we have no worries about little wet patches.

Rosie is 13 yrs old and very fit and well apart from the occasional leaks so this nappy will do a great job. 
Many thanks,

Donna Podesta
Washable Nappy (size m)
Hoistabout (Size L))
I wasn't sure if the hoist would help a great deal, but my 14 year old labrador Millie loves it. She can't go for a walk any more and struggles to get down the step out of the house. We built her a ramp but she didn't like it and tried to leap over it always ending up in a pile. She is now much happier about going out and waits for me to put the sling under her. She even manages to wander around the garden a little. 

Regards, Amanda

Washable nappy (Size M))
This nappy, for want of sounding over the top, has changed our lives. My 10 year old spaniel has been incontinent since (before!) we adopted her 3 years ago, but has got progressively worse, and everything smelt in our house, including the other dogs, as they were lying in her bed if we weren't there. I was washing bedding 3 times a day, and her, she was constantly wet and sore, and the vets could do no more for her. I was getting so down, as was she I am sure! Since having the nappy this past week, the bedding is dry, she is dry and comfortable and so can finally sit down again without it hurting. My other dogs are now clean again. My house smells clean again. 

Her incontinence is severe, so we bought the thickest pads and change them 3/4 times a day. The only problem is overnight as we cannot change them, so it is a bit damp by morning, but the nappy is very easy to wash, I recommend buying two, so you can wash one with the dog wearing the other, It dries incredibly quickly. 

All in all we are all happy and comfortable again. So thank you!

best wishes


Washable nappy (Size XXL)
Hi Karen, 

Nappy came this morning,  and I am very pleased, Luca our Italian Spinone who is a big dog is wearing it with comfort.

Kind regards Jean Kelley

Dear Karen,

Just wanted to let you know that the walkabout boots arrived safely this morning.  Bailey tried them out on his walk and I was really pleased with the fit and the fact that they 'stayed put' even when having fun in the field.
I found your website when searching the internet and the boots were recommended by a veterinary dermatologist we visited last week.  I found the website very easy to navigate and would definitely recommend it to others and use again if required.  
Many thanks for your help.
With best wishes

Walkabout Boots (M)
Hoistabout Harness (M)
Dear Karen
Bramble loves her Hoistabout.
She is like a new dog!
She has severe liver problems (terminal) diagnosed June/July 2010 with a prognosis of days/months rather than anything longer.
She also has severe double hip dyspracia  and now has knee/cruciate problems as well.
She really loves visiting her friend Mr Dunn the Vet - she goes every 2 weeks and has done since July's diagnosis.
She took her hoistabout with her on Friday 10 Dec and Mr Dunn approved of its use-- she seemed a new dog!!
Even Lisa the receptionist  commented on how lively Bramble was investigating all aspects of the receptiion area.
One of the other vets also saw Bramble and commented that he was surprised to still see Bramble because of her liver diagnosis.
His comment to Mr Dunn was "What's she on?" The answer was Everything possible! plus 2 extremely caring owners who fortunately do have the time to devote to Bramble. Oh and of course thank goodness for Petplan's Life Cover Policy 
The Hoistabout was absolute godsend when Bramble needed to visit the garden for calls of nature especially with all the ice and snow and the frozen grass - she could at least stay upright.
We even managed a walk on Sunday - it took 45minutes probably only covered half a mile if that- the first time she had been for a walk in the village for about 10 weeks.
We don't know how long we will have Bramble but she is not in pain and the hoistabout will help with her quality of life.
John & Jenny Foley   

Bottom's Up Leash
Dear Karen

Thank you so much for hand delivering the harness so promptly, it was very kind of you and well beyond what we could have expected. The reason I ordered that particular harness was that it was described as being specifically designed to support your dog during toileting without messing up the straps. I am pleased to let you know that Monty appears to have made a full recovery! Although I can definitely see that it could come in useful again particularly with my other dog Molly whose back legs have got a lot weaker as she's aged.  It was very comfortable for the dog to wear and very easy to put on so I would recommend the product to someone in a similar situation.  I've given your card and leaflet to a colleague at work however thinking about it, it would be a good idea to have a leaflet on the notice board at the vet's.  By the way it was the vet that told me about you and he'd already telephoned you on my behalf. He had been trying to find someone supplying 'Micky harnesses?' and had come across you. I'm not sure how. Anyway thank you so much for the harness and your excellent service it was much appreciated and I would recommend you to anyone.



Dear Karen 
That was amazingly fast service, the boots arrived this morning, thank you. 
I'm afraid the boots don't fit. The width is perfect, as measured, but they are not long enough. Bailey is a whippet so his feet are quite long and narrow. 
I'm hoping you may be able to help with a different size. 
The problem is he has allergic dermatitis and therefore finds gravelly ground very uncomfortable.  He is on all sorts of medication from the vet, but it's so hard to see him limp with one of his front feet. 

Thank you, Judith 

Walkabout Boots (S)
Dear Karen

Thank you very much for your patience in trying to solve my problem with "boots for Bailey". I would highly recommend anyone to try this company, Thanks again, Judith

Thanks for your great service.  Dog boots arrived on saturday.  They fit really well and have made a big difference to Benji already!  
He does look a bit odd in them though!
Thanks again,

Walkabout Boots (S)
Walkabout Boots (M)
Thank you so much.
The M boots will be sent back to you tomorrow or Saturday morning at the latest by recorded or special delivery for the other refund.
Thanks again,
Kind regards
PS: Just after Sammy had spinal surgery, we bought a nappy and a sling from you, these were fantastic. He now no longer needs his nappy, and the sling only on occasions as he now uses a little cart, but these were a god send when we needed them. Thank you for all your work.

Washable nappy
Just like to thank you Karen for your friendly advice over the phone on what products to purchase for my GSD Buster who has Degenerative Myelopathy, The items arrived quickly. I find the leash useful to steady Buster as he topples over now, He was unsure at first and kept stopping but he's got going with it now, He seems to have got more confident. We just hoping he gets used to the boots, we left them a bit as it seemed to much for him to cope with at the same time as the harness. 

Ms Paige
The harnesses which we bought from you are a blessing and I don't know what we would have done without them.

B Hamburger

Walkabout Boots, Front harness, rear harness, belly harness
Hi Karen,

 Luca is getting on really well with his nappies.They are easy to put on and he doesn't mind them at all. 
 Which makes life easier for me. I will try and send you pictures this weekend.
                                                  kind regards Jean Kelley

Bottoms-up leash & Walkabout boots
Walkabout belly harness (L)
Hi Karen
Just wanted to say thank you so much for helping us out and sending the brilliant dog harness so quickly. You have been a real life saver.  Have recommended you to everyone on the north west golden retriever rescue forum.

Thank you so much again you're a real star!

Warmest wishes,


Here is Ellie in her harrness.She has almost fully recovered now.

Thanks again for everything

Kind regards, 


Washable Nappy 

Dear Karen,

Thank you very much for the prompt service and delivery. Tattie is very comfortable in her new nappy and I must say it's added a massive amount of relief after a veryy upsetting and worrying period.


Walkabout Harness
Dear Karen ,   I just want to thank you for sending me my Walk about harness, its so useful and its brilliant . Thanks once again regards nikki  ....

Walkabout Boots (XS)

Nelson has the boots as he has problems with his spine now from old age (he is 15). He lacks feeling and mobility with his back legs. He is on medication and special food. He doesnt seem to bother about the legs but without the boots his feet got very sore and were cold.

The boots are enabling us to give him good quality of life for whatever time he has left.
kind regards

Bottoms up leash
Hello Karen

We would like to thank you so much for dispatching our order so quickly.  We only ordered it yesterday and it arrived today!  We were desperate for a harness for our GSD Lola who has CDRM and who is going downhill so quickly it suddenly became very difficult for her to make the necessary short trips to the garden.

We have had a quick pratcie with the Bottoms Up harness and feel it is going to make our lives so much easier.

Thank you again for such a prompt delivery.

Best wishes

Syd, Debbie & Lola Pain

Walkabout rear harness
Hi Karen

Many thanks for the fast delivery, the harness is a great success already - so much better than the towel for both me and my dog!  She is happily standing and walking with the harness on - she wasn't able to move as well with the towel method.
I shall be pleased to mention this to my vet.

Kind regards


Dear Karen

The rear harness arrived safely. It has transformed our lives! I live in a flat on the second floor and ever since my 14 year old German Shepherd x was diagnosed with CDRM three years ago the stairs have become more and more of a nightmare. He had started to fall on the way down even though I had him on an ordinary harness and lead. Now he can go down slowly and safely. He was getting depressed about the stairs and I was having to drag him out of his bed for a walk. Now he is at the door raring to go! I don't find the harness so effective going up stairs. He seems unable (or maybe just unwilling) to move his back legs and just dangles them walking up only on his front paws. However, it is very good for my back which has been very painful since I started having to help him upstairs.

Thank you for your wonderful website. Keep up the good work!

Best wishes

Suzanne Batty
Walkabout rear harness

We'd like to thank you ever so much for sending the walkabout to us so quickly. It arrived this morning and we've just taken Pepsi (our 3 legged lovely) for a walk. It took a bit of getting used to, but she enjoyed being out and was able to walk further than she has in a long time. I've attached a photo for you to see. Hopefully it'll help build up strength in her back leg - here's to many more walks! 

Thank you so much again.

Best wishes (and woofs)

The Hodges gang and Pepsi 
Walkabout Hoistabout (M)
UPDATE: She went for a walk yesterday too and it was so, so much better with the harness - we only wish we'd bought it ages ago! 

Walkabout rear harness (M)
Good evening Karen, thanks for the superfast delivery!. the harness arrived at 11.45am today!!!. I tried it on Red straight away, and, after a few strange looks from Red, he realised that he could walk without falling, and with my help, he was off like a bullet!!!. All I have to do now is convince him that he is supposed to walk, not run!. But you could see in his eyes that he loved being able to spend a penny, without falling in it!!.If we ever get any sunshine!, I will take a photo or two and send them to you, so that your other customers can see how good the walkabout is, and how much easier it makes the life of a disabled dog like Red, and how relieved the owners are, seeing their dog stand with a bit of help, and it is so easy to put on Red, it doesn't frighten him at all!. Thank you once again for all of your wonderful help, and quick postage of the harness, which will now go everywhere with us, and Red and Blue, our other Collie, (aged 4 1/2 years).Red will now be able to celebrate his 13th Birthday on June 15th, without falling over!.Will be in touch when the pics. are done. Kind regards, Barry 
Update: Red is doing really well with the harness, so we now take it with us on walks in the park, as he gets tired after about 45 mins.!., and when we have taken off his" physio brace" and" toe sling" to get him into the back of the car, we put the harness on to help him get up and into the car!, and we also use it when we get home, to get him out of the car and back indoors!. It is very useful, and so easy to put on that Red will be able to enjoy a good long stroll on his 13th birthday on June 15th, much to our pleasure and happiness!!!. .
Hello Karen

Just wanted to say thanks for the very fast delivery of my order.  The washable nappy has proved to be very useful. I shall definately recommend your website.

Thanks again

Washable Nappy
13 year old Chihuahua
I want to say a huge thank you as this has given my 13 year old Chihuahua a new lease of life, I haven't seen her race around like this for a long time.  Thanks for a great service. 

Zoe Sheridan. 
Dear Karen

Thanks for your prompt remmittance ouf these excellent wrappers for our aging dog Tosco (19 years old!). He his getting a little incontinent and these wrappers are the perfect instrument to alleviate my wife's chores of mopping up the floor so often. He is also getting progressively unable to descend and climb the stairs to his bed, so the hoist for the hind legs is becoming a great help too.
We are very appreciative and grateful that these invaluable helpers be available.

Thank you very much.

Luis Monteiro

Tosco 19 years old
Washable nappies and wraps

Thank you so much for the extremely speedy delivery and fantastic quality dog nappies and pads. My dog has just been diagnosed with GME an autoimmune disease which has caused her coordination and balance to go completely, resulting in her being completely immobile and unable to do anything by herself. She is on steroid treatment for as long as we have her, this causes her to drink and urinate more frequently. I am 76 years old and unable to keep bending dog to hold her to check whether or not she needs to relieve herself and through the night it keeps her dry whereas she would always be soaking in her bed by the morning, even with puppy pads in her bed she was wet. After two nights of this my grand daughter ordered the nappy which came the following day. Would recommend to everyone!! Thank you so so much!
Washable nappy

Hi Karen,

Thank you for sending the Walkabout rear end harness for Rosie so promptly. We received it yesterday morning just less than 24 hours after contacting you to order - brilliant!

Rosie is a small German Shepherd with CDRM, for some time, she has been walking fairly well with the help of my scarf round her near useless rear right leg for support. A couple of days ago, her left leg failed suddenly and she could no longer stand, a rather rapid decline unlike the more usual slow deterioration with CDRM. We have had 3 GSDs so know the problem well sadly.

Having tried out the Walkabout rear harness yesterday, it does the job of supporting her really well although she is not yet very happy about having it put on. Size wise, the M/L is a bit on the big side for her but the M would have been too small so it’s the best we can do I feel. We can walk her a fair distance before arm fatigue sets in and although we are well aware of the “wheels” options we are not intending to go down this route because she has other health problems which will entail her being euthanized before too long. She is nearly 11 years of age.

Thanks once again, the Walkabout rear harness is well thought out, well made and a good practical solution to Rosie’s rear leg paralysis and your service is five star!

Best wishes,

Rear Harness