Marley, GSD
Forrest, GSD
He uses Premiere dog boots (Paw Ideas boots)
"I've been using it 4 times a day on my dogs eyes and the difference is amazing, I'm really impressed.  I will use it for another 2 days to be on the safe side and make sure the infection has cleared.  I am really pleased I gave it a chance. Thanks for sorting things out so quickly."
Mrs Blackledge, UK
Used Colloidal silver for an Eye infection

He uses water resistant Special dog boots and Thornit Ear Canker Powder

"My dog didn't take long to get used to the boot, and it appears to fit him well, with enough room not to constrict his foot. Thank you for excellent after sales care.  I have no hesitation recommending you and the web site."

Thanks for an excellent service, once again.
Mrs Jones, UK
"The shoes have helped Forrest a lot"
Ms Schiller, USA
"I received the harness for Pepper, it was very quick getting here."

"When I first tried it on Pep I didn't think it was that good because it seemed that I was lifting her entire back end instead of just supporting her she just didnt seem to want to put any weight on her legs and was just dragging both of them.  But I adjusted the straps and walked her around the garden and she/I got the hang of it, and now I think its marvellous.  It has really made a difference, we went on a long walk today, about 3 miles, we were out for about an hour and she had a great time.  So thanks very much." 
Ms Reed, UK
She uses the Rear Support Lifting Harness

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She uses Premiere dog boots (Paw Ideas boots)  and
Rear support lifting harness
"The boots are wonderful protection for her feet, and I put them in the washing machine and the dryer, both normal cycle. When I tried the harness Millie did very well. Thanks, I appreciate the support." 
Ms Strong, USA
Hello Karen,

Just wanted to write and say how FANTASTIC the rear harness is - our walk today was a run and we have come back exhausted trying to keep up with our german shepherd dog who is suffering from DM.  We have just been ordering a cart from Eddie's Wheels but this harness is wonderful to restore a dog to balance when they still have movement of their legs like ours does.  Walks have recently become so tiring as our dog worsened in her weaving and
toppling - she has just been starting to get fed up so the harness will be a great boon.  The boots have got to be the best on the market too - and believe me we have tried everything!! 
We did not have to adjust these cordura boots once and normally we need to do this 4-5 times over an hours walk, and this despite a faster pace than ever.  All in all the best things we have ever bought - I can really see the advantages of the harness for rehabilitating dogs - I only wish this was the case with ours.

We wish you every success in the future, Thanks again
Ms Finch, UK
She uses the Cordura boots and 
Rear Support Lifting Harness
She uses the Rear Support Lifting Harness
Just to let you know the harness is working very well and is a godsend to Amy at certain times!  Many thanks once again for your help.

Ms Macartney, UK
He uses the Rear Support Lifting Harness
The harness has been an absolute life saver. We're not sure how we'd have got through the last few days at all without it - the vet said to use a towel under his tum but the harness is much more effective - the only problem is he's a big dog and he can go some speed on his two front legs with the harness on!! Plus he runs under trees and tables - Mum and I will be black and blue, but he is fine in himself and adapted to the harness wonderfully.


Ms Rainford, UK
He uses Premiere dog boots (Paw Ideas boots)
Hi Karen,

Thanks for the quick delivery.
The dog's mobility has improved with another boot at the rear.
Mr Armour, UK
He uses Premiere dog boots (Paw Ideas boots & also used Thornit Ear Canker Powder.
Thank you for the boots.  They are a great help in preventing Both from cutting his toes.  They are also giving me peace of mind.  The Thornit has worked really well and after a few applications Both's ears are now clear.

Ms Gorin, UK
He uses the Cordura Boots and
Rear Support Lifting Harness
The boots are working perfectly. They stay on really well and are protecting his claws as
intended. He had no trouble adapting - clever dog knew it meant he could go swimming! The design is very good.  They don't seem to encumber him swimming although he may have to work a little harder, which is probably good. They obviously do fill with water but it doesn't seem to affect the performance of them as they are a good fit and don't balloon too much.

We are finding the lifting harness very effective on the occasions we have to use it. It is a little difficult steering Kane from the back, but he certainly appreciates the help he gets from it.
Ms Metcalfe, UK
He uses Rear Support Lifting Harness,
Water Resistant Special Boots,
PVC sheeting
Leg Protectors

Wilf, aged 10 years, has spondylosis and recently his back legs failed.  Delving onto the Internet I was fortunate to find Dog Mobility who were able to quickly provide me with a rear support harness, dog boots and advice on mobility carts.  Although not actually incontinent, initially there were a couple of "accidents" overnight and I was concerned about a forthcoming self-catering holiday.  Dog Mobility were able to provide some pvc sheeting to be used as a bed liner and tracked down washable doggy diapers which can be used  "just in case".  A huge thank you to Dog Mobility for their friendly and very efficient service  I certainly recommend them. 

Ms Herbert - UK
Hi Karen,
Firstly, I must thank you for the speedy delivery of the harness.   We struggled a bit at the beginning but I think that was my fault as he probably wasn't quite ready for it.  Now that he is a bit stronger at the back end it is easier to fit and we're making progress - allbeit slow progress.  I have four dachshunds - all brothers and sisters so all are 13 years old.  Wandy is a special one although I love them all dearly.  His name is short for 'The Wanderer' and it's sad that he can't do his wandering alone any more like he used to, but I won't give up.  As long as he doesn't get depressed with everything we will carry on.  I think the Lifting Harness is a great idea and must be especially useful for younger dogs that need the exercise.  For me and Wandy it's a chance for him to try and enjoy the golden time of his life.  Thanks again for your help and interest.
Kind regards
Ms Venison - UK

He uses the Rear support lifting harness
She uses Premiere boots (Paw Ideas boots) and Colloidal Silver
Her feet have been much better - it's the first time in years she hasn't had little brown patches on them where she licks them when they get sore. The colloidal silver is excellent. One dose as soon as I notice something going wrong has resulted in almost immediate relief from the problem. I've also given her ears a treatment with it occasionally and in this respect also, we have had no problems with them since I started using it. We're all benefiting from the fact that she no longer seems to have something going wrong somewhere most of the time. 

In every respect, she's a much happier little old lady than she was and it is so good to see her cheerful and full of fun again.
Ms Brown, UK
Worked wonders.....recommended you to other dog owners too.....regards.
Mr  Haywood, UK
He Uses Thornit Ear Canker Powder
"Benjamin and Chelvey"
They both use Thornit Ear Canker Powder
What fantastic stuff, once I got used to applying it!!! Thank you.
Ms Batchelor, UK
He uses the Rear Support Lifting Harness
The harness arrived fine - thank you very much for assembling it for me.  Angus's mobility is quite restricted now, but the harness is wonderful for helping him up stairs, over slippery surfaces, and for hoisting him back to his feet when he falls down.   My only regret is that I didn't get one for him sooner.  

Kind regards - and thanks once again for your help.

Ms Ramsay, UK
The size 6b dog boots arrived - thank you - they're perfect and Mr Schnapps loves them! We located you on the website and decided to try the dog boots for our loverly old Weimaraner. We adopted him last year at 12 years old from a Rescue website. He had his spllen out when he was 8 and suffered some nerve damage to his back legs. Consequently he has difficulty standing up on our hall and kitchen floor.The boots wrok at treat. The site was easy to use and the sevice first class. Thanks very much.

Ms Mee, UK
"Mr Schnapps"
He uses Premiere boots (Paw Ideas boots)
Max loves his new boots.  I have used the B pair of boots for his back paws.  He has very slender "ankles" and we have to bind the boots reasonably tightly so that they do not slip off.  They are certainly helping him walk across rough ground and across the kitchen floor.

Max has had a new lease of life thanks to his boots and they are wearing very well considering the rough terrain that he has to navigate on Exmoor. Thank you so much for your help - I have been looking at your website and have found it very useful, I have it on my list of Favourites and will undoubtedly refer to it again soon.  It was very kind of you to suggest an alternative and to get the boots to me so very quickly.

With grateful thanks.
Ms Durston, UK
He uses Premiere boots (Paw Ideas boots)
Hi Karen, 
Got the boots today, thanks. I took Giz for a walk in them with the harness (without a lead) and he practically dragged me up the road and I couldn't get him to come back again, and then together we chased the pup around the garden, so they seem to make a big difference to him. Thanks a lot.

Ms Mace, UK
He uses our Cordura and Leather boots
He uses the Rear support lifting harness
Karen, The harness has been very successful.  The vet was impressed and now has your information on file.  Also, I'll mention when we next go on our monthly social dog walk.

Kind regards, and thanks again,

Ms Oates, UK
Dear Karen
Many Thanks, I received my goods today (must say I was very impressed with your prompt delivery).

Khan and I tried the harness tonight for the first time, he seems to really enjoy the sense of freedom and I don't think it will be very long before he gains more confidence and will want to go a little further.  I have to say it was a great relief to my back not having to be bent over all the time supporting him.   Shame I didn't discover your website some months ago.  Thanks for the offer of advice regarding his condition, will be in touch if I need to find out more.

Many Thanks again
Mr Bailey, UK

UPDATE: dear karen, Just to let you know that Khan is gaining more confidence with the use of his harness and has managed to walk a bit further than he has for ages.
He uses the Rear support lifting harness and Leather and Nylon boots
Order received today - so, so efficient, thank you xxxx
So impressed with boots I have to say - far superior to previous boots which  I  have sourced from elsewhere.  So glad to have made contact with you.
Hope we speak again soon xxx
Very best wishes
Ms Jones, UK
He uses the Leather and Nylon Boots &
Dear Karen
Just to let you know that the boots arrived for Khan  and they are a perfect fit.
I must say that they are another GREAT product for helping Khan with his condition as they do stop him damaging his back paws when walking. 

Just an update,  he did one of his longest walks in a long time at the weekend and considering that he will be 13 years old on the 28th March, I find that quite remarkable, but only because he had the aid of the harness to give him the confidence he had lost.
Once again many thanks for your help and advice. 
He uses the Rear Support Lifting Harness
I received the rear lifting harness in the post today.  Caffrey thought it very strange to start with, but once we had persuaded him that we weren't going to hurt him and that it was actually for his benefit, he seemed quite keen, so we took him for a short walk.  It was wonderful, having a dog who was enthusiastic about walking again.  It will certainly make walking with him a pleasure again.

Thank you very much and we shall certainly use your company again and recommend you to our dog-owning friends.

Ms Freeborn, UK
He uses our Premiere dog boots (Paw Ideas boots)
Thanks very much for sending boots so quickly.  They fit Charlie well, and he is getting used to them.  They not only protect his nails and paws but he can get a grip on the lino in the kitchen - very important as he spends much time there hoping I will clumsily drop food !!   

Ms Lansdowne, UK

He uses our Rear support lifting harness, Premiere dog boots (Paw Ideas boots), and Dog Nappy
Many thanks for the support sling, boots and other items which arrived safely on Saturday.  We picked Cody up from the veterinary hospital and the sling and boots have proved very successful, allowing her to toilet well and retain her balamce, and not scuff her paws.  She is doing very well, considering the ruptured disc was between T12 /13 which is quite high up her spine, hence the initial palaysis.

Thanks so much again, for the service you provide for owners of impaired dogs.

Ms Hare, UK
She uses our Rear support lifting harness.

Thank you so much for sending us the harness, we really can not thank you enough for this. Teulah our 11 year old Spaniel took to it straight away.  It was wonderful to see her being able to get around again and enjoying sniffing in the bushes, and just being able to get to places that she has not been able to for such a long time.  Now we will be able to visit the beach again and all the places that she loves.

Thank you.

Mr and Mrs Wilks, UK
It is brilliant. My Retriever, Red is 13 years old with arthritis and a general Neuropathy so his hind legs are weak. We put him in our exercise pool to swim a couple of lengths to help strengthen his legs. The extra reason for the aid is that he has had a laryngeal tie back and if he flounders in the water he chokes so the aid keeps him up and reduces that.

Ms Dobson, UK
She uses the Buoyancy Aid
Dear Karen
Many thanks for your express delivery it has been much appreciated.
Best regards from Lindsay.

Hi Karen 

Thanks - the boots were waiting for me when I got home yesterday, and they have transformed Bramble's ability to get up off the floor as her paws are not slipping all over the place.  It took her a while to stop trying to shake them off, but once she was used to them she was brilliant.   Thanks for getting them here so quickly. 


Ms Everitt, UK
She uses the Premiere Boots/Paw Ideas boots
Thanks for your prompt reply and excellent service.  We are ordering now!  Many thanks.

Mr Eade, UK

He uses our Kevlar boots
Our minimum walk lasts 1.5 hours and the maximum is 5 hours, mainly through the forest and over fields. He is very active and chases squirrels/rabbits throughout the walk and crashes through some dense undergrowth. The forest is very muddy in places so the boot is regularly submerged in deep muddy puddles, he also swims in the lake with it on. 

I don't use anything extra to keep the boot on or to protect it from brambles/thorns/water etc. I have glued an extra bit of leather onto the top of the toe area as he drags his leg with every step and that area is very prone to wear.

My comments on the boot:

- it stays on brilliantly, he runs around a lot and it never moves, even on the longest walks

- the sole of the boot appears to be very tough, it still looks like new

- duct tape doesn't stick well to it, you have to use loads and then the boot ends up being very stiff. The duct tape has always fallen off at some point in the walk. If anyone wants to add extra protection against wear I would recommend leather

- the material of the upper section is stretchy and soft, this makes the boot easy to put on and comfortable for the dog

- the 2 velcro straps are brilliant and hold the boot securely

- the upper material is very hardwearing, once the mud comes off it looks like new. Once the mud is dry it more or less falls off itself so you don't have to really clean the boot

- I can't comment on the toughness of the toe area, I added extra protection before I used it. I use small strips of leather and he regularly wears them out, I just keep gluing on another one

- externally the boot is standing up very well, the materials seem strong and the stitching is very robust

- the inside sole is falling apart a bit, I'm not sure what it's made of internally but seems like cardboard type stuff? It is disintegrating because the boots gets soaked through every time we go out. It's made the inside quite rough when you feel inside but
it doesn't seem to bother him and the boot is still intact.

I hope you find these comments helpful, I would cheerfully recommend this boot.

Many thanks for all your help

Ms Walsh, UK
He uses the Rear support lifting harness
Just to let you know the harness arrived safely this morning 05.05.06 and we are now using it on our Jack Russell terrier Sam. Many thanks for prompt action on receipt of order.

Ms Round, UK
I would like to thank you for sending on the doggie boots I received this morning.
Haven’t had chance yet to fit them on to my dog – but I’m sure they will be fine.

Thanks again for your very good service . I will be seeing my vet next week and will be passing on your leaflet & information.

Angela Potts.

Thank you for the boots. My greyhound cut his knuckle on some glass and these protect his paws very well. He starts off walking like a Thunderbirds puppet, but gets used to them very quickly. Im sure they will come in handy for the Winter. Thanks again. 

Ms Crosby, UK

My 18 year old dog looks really "posh" with his boots on.  He has so much confidence now that he chases my 7 year old dog on the hardwood floors.  We may have created a bully but he is a happy bully!  Thanks again.

Ms Pratte, USA

Premiere Dog boots (Paw Ideas boots)
Premiere Dog Boots (Paw Ideas Boots)
He uses the Machine Washable Dog Nappies
dog nappy
Dear Karen,

I can't begin to tell you of the difference these wonderful nappies have made to our lives.

Best wishes

Sandra Savage, UK

Click here for larger image of Obi
Dear Karen,

I would like to thank you for the very efficient way I received my order.  It came when expected and exactly what was required, I will definately be ordering from you guys again. 

May I take this opportunity to wish you well, have a great Christmas and all the best for 2007!

Yours sincerely,

Chere Hunt, UK

email me
Hi Karen, 

Just a quick note to let you know we received the boots today.  They fit perfectly and Sam our  Border Collie has found a new lease of life!!

Many thanks for all your help and a great service.

Amanda Denning
Dear karen,

Thank you for sending the Watson's Dog Boots, they were just the ticket, were easy to put on and take off, and were flexible and light enough for "in-house"wear. All in all a product I would recommend.

Your service, advice and helpfulness really have been outstanding.

If I have any future needs I won't hesitate to contact you.

Best wishes for this year

Mr Bedford-Stradling
Watsons Dog Boots
It was a pleasure to come home and find that the nappy has worked and there wasn't the usual puddles on the kitchen floor.  

Thank You

T Howitt

Washable Dog Nappy
Walkabout Harness
Hi Karen, 
We received the walkabout harness today, thanks for dispatching it so quickly, I put it on her and what a difference to the bath towel the vet recommended, she practically ran around the garden whereas before she was reluctant to go out, so the towel must have been uncomfortable for her, hopefully she won't need it for very long but at least it has made her and us more comfortable in the meantime. I can't recommend this harness highly enough. Regards

Mr  Bryant
"Henry & Jane"
Pet Ramp
The ramp was tested earlier and was found to solve our problems. One dog has rheumatism, the other (the male) has a neurological problem that has weakened his back legs. The ramp itself is well made and sensibly designed. It is not 'light weight' but this should not be expected from a well made piece if kit. The male found the ramp easy to negotiate, the bitch took more persuading (bribery always works!).

Mr Demmer
Rear support lifting harness
Many thanks for my order. Very good service. Rear Lifting Harness a HIT with my dog Barbie and with my back.

Again many thanks

Ms Dyer, UK
Walkabout Dog Boots
I wanted to tell you that these boots are very good and have lasted longer than boots I have bought from other sellers! Thank You.
Ms Clark, UK
Washable Dog Nappies
& Disposable incontinence Pads
Thank you for providing the dog nappies,they have made a huge difference to our healthy,active but old and incontinent spaniel! We tried the disposable ones which were okay,but the washable ones are easier to put on and stay on much better,We have also found that they hold much more urine! We use the super pads and even when our dog “forgets” she is in the house and just wee`s there are no leaks.Consequently our dog stays dry as do our carpets and dog bedding which we were washing twice a day on some occasions.I only wish we had bought them earlier.

Thanks again

L Gething

Mrs. Wall
Thank you so much for a superb service.  The package arrived this morning. Saturday.
All the very best to you and your family.
With many thanks.
C Trevor

Washable Dog Nappy
Hi Karen
Just to let you no we received the leash this morning thanks for the prompt service. Have a good Xmas and all the best for 2008.

Thanks again,

P Cliff
Rear Support Lifting Harness
Washable Dog Nappy
Our dog 'Sadie' is a Gsd/Lab cross who was rescued from Battersea Dog Home when she was 4 months old. She is now 16 years old with degenerative hips and incontinence. Although the nappy only arrived today it is already a hit. Sadie has no problem wearing it and is enjoying life having the free run of the house again.

Many thanks again. I only wish I had discovered these nappies earlier. It would have saved us months of stress and mess! I would definitely recommend these to anyone who is having the same problems.

Best Wishes

J Macfadzean, UK

Dear Karen,

Our order arrived today, many thanks for the speedy delivery.
Puppy Training Pads

I have been using your puppy floor pads for over two years now and really do not know how I would manage without them. 

I am able to place these pads appropriately and she always uses them when necessary.  They are an absolute heaven-sent solution. 

Your prompt and helpful service is most gratifying. 

I am truly grateful that your pads are available, and would like to thank you for your prompt service and attention to my orders.


J Saxby, UK

Rear support lifting harness/Bottom's up leash

 Hi Karen, 
Thanks for the email. Just to let you know we have ordered the harness for our 11 year old border collie, as she has developed problems due to arthritis in her hips. We are having it more for emergencies rather than daily use (hopefully).
We ordered this harness as we previously had one for our german shepherd, Zak. We ordered it when Zak was 12 and a half, again on a "just in case" basis. We hadn't actually used it, although we had had it for 2 months or so, when suddenly Zak lost the use of his hind legs completely. The harness was a life saver. We used it for walks and everything initially, whilst waiting for a cart to arrive. Once the cart arrived Zak used that for long walks but we used the harness for going into the garden, around the house and small trips. We could not have managed without it. Zak lived until he was 14 and a half, before dying naturally. The harness was a big part of his continued enjoyment of life, virtually until the end, and I would recommend it to anyone.
S Murphy, UK
We have just ordered a second pair today so our dog can wear them in the house as well and a rear harness so we can pick his back end up easily.

Our dog's name is Zebedee and his is a Doberman/Labrador cross who has inherited all the worst health problems of his breeds unfortunately.  At the moment his is struggling with hip dysplasia and degenerative myelopathy and so the boots and harness will make it a lot easier for him. 

Mr Wilkinson, UK
Walkabout Rear Harness & Walkabout Boots
Hi Karen,

Thank you for the boots, they are working out really well.
Dear Karen Wall and all at Dog mobility, 

Thank you for your prompt service which was very appreciated.

We think your harness is well made and designed, and it fitted very well. We liked the soft neoprene and the Velcro. 

Thank you so very much

Kind regards 
B Gothard, UK

Walkabout Rear Harness

Rear Support Lifting Harness/Bottom's up leash
Hello Karen,
I just want to say THANK YOU for sending me the harness.
It arrived today and fits very well and my friend is running happily over the grass and enjoy being quick again :-)

It is a wonderful soltuion, I was always thinking about and didn't know how to built it for my dog.
Thanks, greetings

Dr Ullrich, Germany

Walkabout Hoistabout
Hi Karen,
Emma  loves the walkabout.  We were just using it to move her from A to B within the house, as its easy to get on, comfortable for her and no fiddling getting legs into holes etc (hard when you have a dog who is quite disabled now).  We are now using the walkabout outside as well (instead of the rear fittted harness), and because she is happy to go in and out of the house a lot more, she is actually getting a bit stronger in her muscles and has walked on her own a couple of times.

So you can imagine, we are over the moon with this product.  It's strong - Emma is a big retriever, it's cuddly and safe for her - she can lie on it if she is in a sunbathing mood and wants to stay outside for a while, and one of the other retrievers just loves carrying it around.  The great thing is that you can slide it to a part of her body that really needs the help with the lift without hurting her. 

Thanks again Karen.  I am going to take it into the vets next time I am down there to see if it can help any of the other pets that are struggling with mobility.


R Wilson (Spain)

Hi Karen
Thank you so much - the boots did indeed arrive today; what a great service! 
And they fit very well, and don't bother her at all - in fact, her confidence in her footing increased immediately as she tackled the kitchen floor with them on! Usually, she very gingerly 'reverses' rather than turns normally to change direction; tonight, she just turned and walked back into the sitting room as if she'd never had a slip up! Fantastic!
Thank you once again for a brilliant service; I know there is nothing to be done to cure Shaka's condition, but these boots have already improved her quality of life enormously.
With much gratitude,
Tracey Rousell
We've had the Kevlar boot for approx 6 weeks now so it has been thoroughly tested. He wears it nearly every day on long walks, the only place he doesn't wear it is on the beach as I feel the salt water is a bit harsh.
Paw Ideas Dog Boots
Washable dog nappy
Thank you for your dog diaper, that has made my dog, and our family very happy.
I have ordered another one tonight off your web site, so I sould have a happy dog now.

Andy, UK
Hi Karen - boot arrived safely today and Katie-Moragh is delighted with it.  It is so much more secure than her previous Mikki and Walker boots and will hopefully keep her injured paw safe until the nail has fully re-grown.

Many thanks again


Thera-Paw Dog Boot
I would just like to thank you for the speedy delivery of our dog nappy.
Thank you very much. I shall be recommending your service to my friends.

Washable Dog Nappy
Bark'n' Boots
Hi Karen
As promised, some feedback now that Shadow has got used to his boots.  The Bark'n'Boots are great, they're easy to put on and stay on really well.  They soften up really quickly so it didn't take Shadow too long to get used to them.  Think they'll wear ok but will let you know later on if there are any problems.  At £50 they are pricy, but of course you do get the four boots for that.  All in all I'm really pleased with them.
Many thanks for your help.
L Pascoe
UPDATE: Just to let you know that we still have our 15 yr old golden retriever Emma with us.  She is still using the walkabout.  She is so used to it now that she more or less runs when she has it on.  She barks and sits up to let us know that she wants us to put it on her and then off she goes at a gallop!  

it's so great that she can be up on her feet like our other dogs and this obviously helps with muscle mass and circulation/breathing etc.

It just changes her world and lets her walk again.

Thera-paw Boot
Hello Karen

We are so delighted with your Thera-Paw boot for our Greyhound – Angel’s life has really improved – she enjoys her walks again!

We have just ordered another.

Many thanks

J Howes
Hoistabout Harness and Washable nappy
The Hoistabout harness is proving to be invaluable and so good for getting Cassie upstairs, and I now don't know what I'd do without it (wish I'd had it ages ago).  Thank you for your prompt replies to both my orders, thank you for your help and attention. 

Yours Faithfully

M Thwaites
Hi Karen

Fantastic news - my order arrived today!  What a great service.

Thankyou for your help.


Thank you for the prompt & good service.

A McKeown
I am very impressed with your service, and thanks for all you help.


E Cartlidge
Bottoms up leash

Dear Karen,

The order has reached the destination in Romania some time ago and all is fine. We had no problems with the delivery.

The dog harness works great, our family there is very pleased with it. They find it much easier to handle the dog, which is great! Many thanks for making this available.


Dear Karen,
Many thanks for your prompt service and great products.


P Brockbank
Thank you karen arrived this morning, wonderful quaility and service

Washable Nappies
Comforts Disposable Incontinence Pads

Hi Karen thanks for the amazing service, the boots arrived today very prompt as I only ordered them from you yesterday! 
Once again many thanks for your prompt service. 

C Nolan
Walkabout dog boots
Walkabout belly harness
I would just like to thank you for your exellent person-centred customer service. I've tried to find something suitable to assist my 15 year old border collie as due to Cushing's Disease, arthritis and old age, he was struggling to walk at all and I was considering euthanasia. This was sad because Benji is still very happy and playful, but he was too heavy for me to lift around on stairs and he was being injured trying to attempt them himself and would be immobile for a few days.
Now, thanks to the walk-a-belly harness, I'm able to assist benji up and down stairs, which means he's now walking much better on his own, with more confidence and less injuries. Your service has given me some extra time with Benji that I shall cherish.
Yours sincerely

Male Wrap

I would like to comment on how easy this product is to use and since using bedding and carpets have been dry, Thank you for your assistance and prompt responses.


Walkabout Boots

Hi Karen,

I would like to say what an excellent service i had from you when ordering the walkabout boots. It was very prompt and i found you very helpful about the above item. The boots are great and are very hard wearing and should last longer than some. I would be happy to recommend the boots and your company in the future.
Thanks once again.
Vicky and Sophie

Washable Nappy
Super pads

Dear Karen Wall
Thank you really impressive super quick delivery. Just in time to keep the inside of tent dry!! She dosn't look to impressed about them but will make life alot easier, and stop the constent smell of pee better for her better for us .
Thanks again and look forward to using you again.

P Wood

Bottom's Up Leash
Hi Karen,

Thanks for your interest.
Teal has accepted the harness well - He now knows that when I pick it up, we are going for a walk (as he did with his normal lead)
His back legs are worse - so without it we couldnt manage!
I would recommend it to anyone !


S Gumbley

My labrador has been diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy a month ago (he is not nine yet!) and already he is struggling with his back legs. I am hoping that your product will help prolong his ability to enjoy our walks. 

Dear Karen, 

Many thanks - yes the harness arrived today.  I have tried it on Teal - and he seems to have accepted it OK.  We will see how he goes on when we go for a short walk later. 

Thanks again for your excellent service. 

S Gumbley 
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I would like to comment on how easy this product is to use and since using bedding and carpets have been dry, Thank you for your assistance and prompt responses.