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Let's make life better for Disabled Dogs
Please help support pet rescue centres.
Animal Appeals and help needed.
If you have any old boots, harnesses, collars, brushes, bowls, leads etc and would like to donate them to pet rescue centres please forward to Dog Mobility, 29 Llanon Road, Llanishen, Cardiff, CF14 5AG who will forward the items on to various centres across Wales.

Most rescue centres are usually looking for other items too such as:

Shredded paper
Washing powder
Thick bleech
Heavy duty bin bags
Advocate spot on (flea drops)
Milbemax Wormer
Oyster clipper blades - sizes 10, 15 and 5
Malaseb shampoo
Dog shampoo and conditioner
Poo bags / nappy sack bags
Dog treats -  pigs ears, biscuits etc
Cotton wool balls or rolls for surgery
Fleece and thick blankets
Sardines in oil
Slip leads with stops
Small and medium collars (10,12, 14 inch collars) new or second hand.
Good mops
Dog & cat toys & treats
Rolls of vet wrap bandages
Large and extra large plastic dog beds
Vet bed
Tinned/pouches etc dog/cat food
Heat lamp  bulbs screw in type - 100 watt to 250 watt
Coal shovels (poop scoop shovels) galvanized if possible
Extra large yard push brooms
Stamps 1st and 2nd