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Let's make life better for Disabled Dogs
19/02/12 - Many thanks to Mrs Gibson for her kind donation to Animal Rescue. This has being passed on to a local rescue.
14/02/12 - Dog Mobility joined Twitter.  We're still finding our feet with this! Find us here: http://twitter.com/dogmobility
30/04/13 - Due to the recent huge price increase with Royal Mail we have had to consider our postage and packing fees.  We                            have decided NOT to increase our fees but will now be sending the majority of our parcels by 2nd class Recorded.
22/01/14 - At a time when people are finding things financially hard, we have decided to reduce the first 2 price brackets of our                       p+p prices. We continually look at our prcing and will adjust further if we feel we are able to do so.
03/06/14  - Due to Royal Mail's price increase in April we are unable to hold our first price bracket on p+p, and we have had to                          increase this by 25p to £4.
03/11/14   - As many of our customers want their items asap, we have decided to send out everything by 1st class mail and have                          had to increase the basic postage fee by 50p to reflect this.