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Let's make life better for Disabled Dogs
A smooth, semi-circular neckline allows your pet to breathe comfortably, while simultaneously supporting his/her front end. Machine washable and water resistant. Designed to help dogs and cats suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, spinal trauma, general fatigue, nerve damage, pets who need soft tissue management, sporting dogs, and police dogs. Helps prevent back injury to pet owners due to lifting pets improperly.
The design and construction of the Walkabout harness provides the balance and support necessary for your pet to lead a happier, healthier, cleaner life.  Use of the Walkabout can also help minimize the backstrain that often results from lifiting and carrying heavy animals.  When fitted properly, male and female dogs can urinate freely in the harness. Harness can be cut if extra room is needed.  A superbly manufactured aid for dogs and cats who are unsteady on their legs due to paralysis, surgery, or accidents. The harness is especially good for older pets who have become less agile. In fact, any dog or cat with weak hind quarters should benefit from the Walkabout Harness. 
How To Measure:
A: Measure the circumference of the body directly in front of the rear legs.
B: Measure the circumference of the rear leg at the point where it meets the body.
C: Measure the circumference of the body directly behind the front legs .
D: Measure the circumference of the front leg at the point where it meets the body.
At Dog Mobility we specialise in harnesses for dogs and cats who need a little bit of extra help. We have front harnesses, rear harnesses, belly harnesses and hoists.  Please get in touch if you need help in choosing the right harness for your dog. Our newest harness is the Ruffwear Webmaster Harness. 
When trying on a garment for the first time, please put a t-shirt or similar item on under the garment so that if you need to exchange it for a different size it will be free of stains or hair and we can give you full credit for the exchange. 

 SIZE CHART           A        B     C      D
                                  Rear Harness         Front Harness

X-SMALL        9"-15"       3"-6"  8"-16" 3"-4"  

SMALL         10"-17"       3"-8" 10"-18" 3"-6"  

MEDIUM       15"-23"6"-14"       18"-27"         6"-9"  

MEDIUM/LARGE  23"-29"      12"-15"       24"-32"         8"-10"  

LARGE        26"-31"      15"-17"       29"-34"         9"-13"  

X-LARGE     30"-36"      17"-20"       32"-40"       10"-14"  


SMALL   £42



LARGE   £57

X-LARGE       £60

SMALL   £38



LARGE   £51

X-LARGE       £55
These harnesses are available for the Front, Back or can be used together. Suitable for Male and Female Dogs, Cats or other pets of a similar size. When fitted properly, male and female dogs can urinate freely in the harness. Harness can be cut if extra room is needed. 
Walkabelly Harness
For Mid-Region Support
Hand-held Neoprene slings, lined with comfy fleece
to support your pet with ease.  Doesn't wrinkle and bunch like a sheet or a towel and the handles can help protect your back from injury.

Walkabelly Benefits:
Quick to lift, put it on in a jiff! 
Helps prevent injury to dogs with overall leg weakness. 
Lift and assist big dogs 
Post-surgical rehabilitation 
SIZE CHART             A          C                  E
                                  abdomen               Chest           Length between 
                                                                                              front and rear legs   

SMALL    18"-21"     20"-24"              6-9"                       
MEDIUM          20"-23"     24"-29"            9-11"                             
MEDIUM/LARGE     22"-25"             28"-33"           11-13"     

LARGE                   29-32"              31-38"            13-16"

X-LARGE 33"-37"            38"-46"           14- 16"
How To Measure:
A: Measure the circumference of the body directly in front of the rear legs.
C: Measure the circumference of the body directly behind the front legs .
E:  Measure the length of the body between the front and rear legs.
SMALL                  £42

MEDIUM                £48


LARGE                  £56

X-LARGE               £60
Pay closest attention to the "E" dimension. For example: an animal with an "E" measurement of 13" cannot use a Large as it will not fit between his front and back legs.
walkabout belly harness
Hi Karen, 
We received the walkabout harness today, thanks for dispatching it so quickly, I put it on her and what a difference to the bath towel the vet recommended, she practically ran around the garden whereas before she was reluctant to go out, so the towel must have been uncomfortable for her, hopefully she won't need it for very long but at least it has made her and us more comfortable in the meantime. I can't recommend this harness highly enough.


Hi Karen
Many thanks for the fast delivery, the harness is a great success already - so much better than the towel for both me and my dog!  She is happily standing and walking with the harness on - she wasn't able to move as well with the towel method.

I shall be pleased to mention this to my vet.

Kind regards


Full details of reviews on Testimonials page
Walkabout Hoistabout
Walkabout's answer to the unsightly towel walking method.  Have a Hoistabout on hand when you are in a hurry to get your furry friend out the door. So soft your pet will thank you!

Hoistabout Benefits
Quick to lift,  Put it on in a jiff!
Helps prevent 'falling down' injuries to dogs with weak legs
Lift and assist big dogs
Post-surgical rehabilitation

Sizing of Hoistabout
L  - 25" Length x 6" Wide.  Handles are 13.5"
M - 23" Length x 6" Wide.  Handles are 19"
S  - 20.5"   Length x 6" Wide.  Handles are 23"
Please note sizes are approximate and may vary slightly.

walkabout hoistabout
Click for enlarged images
Small £40

Medium £40

Large £40

Hi Karen,
Emma  loves the walkabout.  We were just using it to move her from A to B within the house, as its easy to get on, comfortable for her and no fiddling getting legs into holes etc (hard when you have a dog who is quite disabled now).  We are now using the walkabout outside as well (instead of the rear fittted harness), and because she is happy to go in and out of the house a lot more, she is actually getting a bit stronger in her muscles and has walked on her own a couple of times.

So you can imagine, we are over the moon with this product.  It's strong - Emma is a big retriever, it's cuddly and safe for her - she can lie on it if she is in a sunbathing mood and wants to stay outside for a while, and one of the other retrievers just loves carrying it around.  The great thing is that you can slide it to a part of her body that really needs the help with the lift without hurting her. 


The Hoistabout harness is proving to be invaluable and so good for getting Cassie upstairs, and I now don't know what I'd do without it (wish I'd had it ages ago).  Thank you for your prompt replies to both my orders, thank you for your help and attention. 


I wasn't sure if the hoist would help a great deal, but my 14 year old labrador Millie loves it. She can't go for a walk any more and struggles to get down the step out of the house. We built her a ramp but she didn't like it and tried to leap over it always ending up in a pile. She is now much happier about going out and waits for me to put the sling under her. She even manages to wander around the garden a little.   (Uses size Large)

Full details of reviews on Testimonials page

walkabout hoistabout
Full details of reviews on Testimonials page

walkabout belly harness
belly harness
Click to enlarge
XS (CAT)               £42

The Walkabout Front Harness is fantastic, its like a lease of life for my little doggie as she can now walk a lot better & is more independant.  
walkabout front harness
walkabout front harness
This size M/L
This size M/L
Walkabout rear harness
This size M/L
This size M/L
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Click for larger image
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Ruffwear Webmaster Harness 
Available in 2 colours and 5 sizes
ruffwear webmaster harness
secure, reflective, multi-use
The Webmaster is a supportive, multi-use dog harness, intended for hiking, scrambling, rehabilitation and mobility assistance. The Ruffwear Webmaster Harness allows you to enjoy your outdoor adventures with your favourite canine companion. 

Features and Benefits:

Efficient, easy to clip sheltered buckles keep straps firmly in place over time.

Anatomical design provides controlled,comfortable and balanced lifting with good load dispersion.

Customiseable fit with five points of adjustment allow for full range of motion.

Secure design for even the best "houndini dog".

Foam padded chest and belly straps for comfortable, ex-tended wear.

Two points of connection: aluminium V-ring leash attachment up front or the webbing loop at the rear.

3M Scotchlite reflective trim assists visibility in low light.


webmaster harness
Click to enlarge images
Check out these videos on measuring your dog's girth & adjusting the Webmaster straps.
Twilight grey
Red Currant
Choose your size
Choose your size
Was £60 - Now £52.99
Now shipping to USA, contact us for the shipping fee.
Out of stock
These items are available to order, we don't hold a large stock of these, but will order the product in  for you made to your required measurements.  At times we may however have some available for immediate dispatch in stock and will then list them below.
MEDIUM/LARGE REAR AMPUTEE HARNESS                              (Left Leg missing)
MEDIUM/LARGE REAR AMPUTEE HARNESS                              (Right Leg missing)
Out of stock