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dog mobility
Let's make life better for disabled Dogs
A cart can be obtained prior to your dog actually losing complete mobility in the hind legs.  It can give some freedom back to the dog, allowing  it to go on those long walks and runs it once enjoyed.  If the dog is able to,  it can take some walks without the cart as well.   Most dogs seem to adapt to their carts fairly quickly, there is no stopping them once they get going!  If your dog has already lost complete mobility,  a cart can be a wonderful thing.   It can put the sparkle and zest for life back into your dog.  

When to put your dog into a cart is a difficult decision to make.  You need to keep your dog walking  for as long as possible.  Once he stops walking he will start to lose his muscle mass and become weaker, quicker.  However, if he is getting too weak to go on a walk he will then be using less muscles in the front.  These  muscles can then start to lose strength.  So, by putting him into a cart it will allow him to keep exercising the front.  He needs the muscles to be strong to help with the loss of muscle mass at the rear.  If you are using a cart prior to your dog losing complete mobility in the hind legs try to also keep him walking without it, even if just for very short distances.
A dog cart/dog wheelchair can be a wonderful thing for your dog.  Most dogs adapt to these very well.  A cart can help to give back some freedom to your dog and give him a renewed zest and sparkle for life. Please read our cart guide below.
Dog Mobility do not sell carts and offer the above                  information for guidance only.