Paw Ideas Dog Boots
Manufacturers Description

Ideal for injured paws and allergies
Protects paws, keeps paws clean
Made with Neoprene (wet suit material)
Tough rubber sole
Cordura tip
Water Resistant
Velcro Straps
Machine washable
Unsealed seams
Our Comments
Ankle length boot, easy to put on. Velcro strap tightens through a buckle which secures the boot and keeps the boot in place. 

Rubber sole can help dogs to gain traction on slippery surfaces. 

Sizes are a guide only as all dogs are different.  Please measure your dog by standing them on a piece of paper and drawing around the paw. Then, measure across the drawing at the widest point to get the paw spread measurement.

In each pack of boots you will receive 4 boots, 2 boots for the front paws (boot A) and 2 boots for the back paws (boot B). The boots are only sold in sets of 4, you will receive 2 A boots and 2 B boots.

SIZE 2A & 2B
Pomeranian, chihuahua, dachshund, miniature toy poodle, llasa aspo, jack russell.
2A - for paws up to 4.5cm
2B - for paws up to 3.5cm

SIZE 3A & 3B
Tibetan spaniel, whippet, yorkshire terrier, bedlington terrier, west highland white, king charles cavalier.
3A - for paws up to 5cm
3B - for paws up to 4.5cm

SIZE 4A & 4B
Beagle, fox terrier, french bulldog, saluki, miniature schnauzer, rough collie, griffon, dachshund standard.
4A - for paws up to 5.5cm
4B - for paws up to 5cm

SIZE 5A & 5B
Elkhound, weimaraner, bull terrier, cocker spaniel, english pointer, greyhound, german pointer, borzoi, springer spaniel, samoyd, border collie, schipperke, standard poodle, boxer.
5A - for paws up to 6.5cm
5B - for paws up to 6cm

SIZE 6A & 6B
Doberman, retriever, bulldog, english setter, gordon setter, dalmation, labrador, basset hound.
6A - for paws up to 7cm
6B - for paws up to 6.5cm

SIZE 7A & 7B
Rottweiler, hovawart, great dane, german shepherd.
7A - for paws measuring up to 7.5cm
7B - for paws measuring up to 7cm

SIZE 8A & 8B
Pyranean mountain dog, mastiff, st bernard, newfoundland.
8A - for paws measuring up to 8cm
8B - for paws measuring up to 7.5cm
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