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Compression Sleeves
Sold in singles in standard length and long.
Available in extra small, small, medium, med/large and large sizes. 

Compression sleeves assist dogs experiencing joint,tendon and ligament laxity (instability) or early fatigue while exercising. They are made to fit either the front limbs or the rear limbs. 
The extra support on the lower limbs helps increase blood flow and oxygen flow to the compressed muscles and limbs.
It can help reduce soreness by increasing circulation. Offering extra support on tired limbs.

Compression sleeves help heal lick granuloma cover decubitus ulcers and guard against brush scrapes for sporting dogs in the field.  Help your dog stay athletic longer by wearing support sleeves today!! 

X-SMALL (Camouflage)  1-2" circumference        £12.50

SMALL    (Black)  2-3" circumference                   £12.50

MEDIUM (Black) 3-4" circumference                      £12.50

MEDIUM/LARGE (Black) 4-5" circumference          £14

LARGE (Black) 5-7" circumference                        £14

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IMPORTANTPlease try on in a clean area and use a lightweight sock on your dog to protect the sleeve. Items returned for a refund must be completely free of dirt/fur and smell or you will lose your right to a refund.
dog compression sleeve
compression sleeve
compression sleeve
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compression sleeve
compression sleeve
Can be used on front or rear legs.
More information from the  makers of the compression sleeve:

Our exciting new product the "compression sleeve" has been tested by veterinarians for approximately a year now with great success.

Many dogs taking steriods experience joint, tendon and ligament laxity and get tired walking around more easily. This gives them longer periods of time that they can play.

Wearing the compression sleeves help keep the dog walking longer and offer a great deal of support to the limb. The muscles are compressed and circulation in the limb is increased. 

They are very comfortable to wear. Can be worn for extended periods of time. The hardest part of putting them on is over the paw, so be sure to check everytime  that the toenails are not caught in the fabric and don't be in a hurry as you could put stress on your dog if you do.  

The sleeves are also excellent for protecting decubital sores and lick granulomas.

Lengths of compression sleeves vary.

*Measure 1" above paw joint and 3" above as well to get the range.

Sold in singles
Also available in a longer style

MEDIUM  (Black)            3-4"   circumference              £14.50

MEDIUM/LARGE (Black) 4-5"   circumference              £16.50

LARGE    (Black)            5-7"   circumference              £16.50
Sold in singles
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